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Yoni Steam

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There are several benefits to the sacred practice of yoni steaming, varying from emotional and spiritual healing to physical cleansing. Different women steam for different reasons. It’s essential that you know what you are doing, what herbs you are using & why, and that you don’t over steam. The frequency of yoni-steaming rituals varies from woman to woman; pay attention to your body’s signals and find a pattern that works for you.

Doing vaginal steams 1x the week before your period and 1x the week after your period can assist in relieving menstrual pain & reducing brown blood, thereby balancing menstrual issues over time. Some steams can be done more than others. Always listen to your body.


Boil 6 cups of filtered water. Add 1 oz of dried herbs, reduce heat, cover, and simmer for about 10 minutes. Turn off the heat & let the mixture cool for 5 minutes. Transfer the herbs to a cool pot, place below your steam stool or in your super clean toilet!

You DON’T need to use a lot of herbs!

Allow pot to cool to comfort!

Sit for all long as you want, recommendation 20-30 minutes.


Divine Essence: To be used post menstrual. General all purpose steam to promote hydration and support optimal vaginal health.

Master Healer: To be used after birth or after a menstrual cycle. Follow directions stated above. Aides in purging vagina of toxins, and provides optimal blood flow to area. Aids in uterine tightening, as well as overall healing.

Emotional Release: To be used after menstrual cycle or following deep internal healing. Can be combined with cord cutting rituals. Helps draw out foreign energy from the body. Expect a surge of emotional energy after this one!

Moisturizing: Supports overall vaginal health while aiding in regulating natural vaginal secretions.

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