She is amazing !!! The reading she gave me was the most amazing and extensive experience i ever had in life. Paige gave me new perspective on life and answered the many questions I had. She even answered questions I didn’t even think to ask. Overall the service is amazing and I can’t wait to go back.— DARRYL, NY
I was referred to Paige by a good friend of mine. I was somewhat familiar with Reiki but not completely in tune. Paige was told about my current predicament and was ready to help. Paige did her thing the first time and by me being open and believing, it worked. I’ve had blockage from certain feelings that I wouldn’t allow myself to feel, cold & numb at the same time. She cleared that up just from the first session. I felt warm again, happy, enjoying all the beautiful things around me for once. I was literally breathing different. During this process I heard a voice, telling me something. Never heard this voice ever in my life. I told Paige about it and she sent me a voice message. That left me in tears of pure happiness. It was Paige’s voice
Since then , I’ve dealt with so much, and needing more help comprehending everything happening. Paige has been there every step of the way. This Woman is a true gift from GOD and she’s here to help whoever wants to get helped. Real deal Holyfield this one. I’ll always be grateful for everything she did for me— EDWIN, IL
My experience was very eye opening to numerous factors in my life . My reading is going to play a major part in my growth going forward in this journey called self improvement!!! Thank you Paige!!!😊— RON, NY
Wow! Your services are amazing! I literally felt my vibration rise after your reiki session! I felt good on the inside and it attracted just that in the physical. Words can’t express the feeling you left me with after the session! Even your insight was on point! Everything that you said resonated with me. Your intuitive insight is remarkable to say the least! I will be getting another session with you soon! Thanks again I really appreciate this amazing experience!!— COACH ROYALTE, TX
Well Paige is the shit and she is going to be my new spiritual helper 💋🥰— SADIE, BOSTON