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Love Reading

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Whats Included:

**A general love reading will consist of a simple 3 card spread providing you clarity on a specific person of interest or your love life in general.You will be provided the opportunity to ask 2 follow up question for clarity.

**A full love reading will consist of a 6 card spread and offer more insight on your situation, while providing advice on next steps. You will be provided the opportunity to ask 3 follow up questions for clarity.

I will personally email you to introduce myself and get a little background info on the subject matter.

Please be patient. Energy work is not easy and sometimes things get delayed. Spirit and universe is in control. 

Open dialogue is everything. Please email me at hello@bareandfreebeauty.com if you have any questions. In the subject bar please list your full name followed by General Love Reading/confirmation#. 

Thank you!



When receiving readings it is very important to understand that whatever comes in is from spirit. It may not be what you want to hear but it is what spirit feels you need to receive in this present moment.

On earth there is free will. Upon receiving your reading I want you to know that it is for the person and the energy surrounding you now. Things can change so be mindful of that, and remember to receive what resonates with you.