Spiritual and Intuitive Guidance

Spiritual and Intuitive Guidance

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Spiritual guidance explores the spiritual aspects of being human and helps us awaken to our sense of meaning and purpose in our lives, and develop a deeper relationship with the Divine. It is a process of accompanying people on their spiritual journey, based on the understanding that spirit lives within the hearts of each of us and within all creation. This session includes a full oracle reading using crystals as well as answers to whatever topic that arises.

We incarnate into bodies for one purpose – the evolution of our soul. Life is meant to be a process of learning – a journey toward wholeness, our highest potential, our innermost authenticity, our True Self.

But often we are in our own way. Unaware of the root cause of our problems and conflicted-ness, we are unable to address and make the changes necessary that will lead to greater freedom, balance and flow.

Spiritual Guidance helps to examine exactly what is keeping us from our heart’s desire. We are often the victim of beliefs, perceptions, and fears about ourselves (and the world) that are antithetical to our best interest. These deeply ingrained patterns keep us stuck, unhealthy, confused, and depressed. They can also impact our physical health.

Illusion exists only when it is not investigated. And through investigation, we can learn to change.

Because of my background as an energy healer my approach to Spiritual Counseling is about excavating and healing the root cause(s) of what might be holding you back in your life, and guiding you towards finding your soul purpose. It won't be easy but we will get through this together.

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